Team Project

For my 2015 Workplace Writing class, we were grouped into teams and assigned with researching the differences in business environments in a non-English speaking country of our choice. I was assigned with Team Russia, and these were my components of the team assignment.

This assignment was a challenge for me in that I had started as being team leader of this group, and had the responsibility of such removed from my shoulders. While not being team leader anymore certainly made my entire life easier for this semester, the way in which I was removed was more akin to a “mutiny” than a team deciding what was best for it. This placed me in the situation of being resentful, and therefore I had to work to overcome that way of thinking. I did, and this component of the team’s work was my contribution as assigned.

Again, due to the limitations of WordPress and complexities of the documents produced, it is only possible to post these documents as a link for you to download. Please feel free to download the following documents and view on your own device; they have been uploaded as PDF files.



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