Performance Review

At the conclusion of my Workplace Writing class in 2015, we were required to write a performance review. This was an opportunity for us to look back at how we did in that class; what we did well, what we did poorly, and what we planned on taking away from the class. Analyzing myself and my performance is not something easily done. I am either so hard on myself that if people listened only to what I said, no one would choose me to help them with anything, or I have nothing to say at all. Writing this letter was a challenge.

Again, due to the constraints of WordPress, I will be posting a link to download the PDF in its original formatting for you to download and review. However, due to the relatively simple formatting required for this letter, I will also be posting the letter in this post as well. Please see the download to view this letter in its 100% correct formatting.



April 29, 2014

Dr. Jo Ann Thompson

West Woods Academic Center Room 255

1981 James E. Sauls Sr. Drive, Batavia, Ohio 45103

Subject: Progress Report for Steven T. Butler Jr

Dear Dr. Thompson,

Per your request, I am writing this performance review of how I think that I performed this semester, what I learned, and what I can do differently in future semesters. I will make every effort to keep this brief, as I am not a fan of talking about myself.


I believe that for this semester my performance was adequate. Not stellar, or poor; simply adequate to meet what I was tasked with. The reason for this was a full time college load, full time job, and several personal issues that took a severe toll on my time and stress management. I wish that I could have done better, as writing is something that I do enjoy; it simply was not something I was properly prepared for this semester.

Examples of this an be seen by late arrivals of my journal entries, and the fact that you will see that this paper was submitted to you late Wednesday evening, due to a workload backlog.

What was Learned

This may come as a surprise, but in regards to learning new materiel, most everything that was assigned this semester was “old hat.” In my English classes at Southern State, I had English professors that decided they needed to teach a little beyond what their class was supposed to cover. The only bit that I have never attempted before is the E-Portfolio. At the time of this writing, that project is still a work in progress. We will have to wait and see how that goes.

Also, working in a team environment is much more complicated than I had anticipated. Much to my dismay, I found that not every team member think the way that I think. Also, leading a team requires some level of “initiative,” that due to my insane semester, was not something I was initially incapable of providing my team.

Moving Forward

For future semesters, and even into the workforce, time management remains, much to my annoyance, an issue I need to work on. While I was better this semester than before, as is obvious by the continued presence of what hair I have on my head, towards the end of the semester, assignments began piling up and a “snowball” started running away from me. Also, spending more time proofreading my assignments would be a welcome adjustment; I noticed errors on my part of the team project shortly before we turned it in to you.

Also, having a much better grasp of everything that is required for an assignment of group project is a huge component that will decide if a project succeeds or fails. This was a concept I believe my entire team was lacking while we worked on presenting Russia.

I have, in the fashion of Columbo, one final thought. Writing is a passion of mine. Something that I have always toyed with making, perhaps not a primary career, but something to do on the side in addition to my primary career. Taking this class, which gave me an opportunity to write, admittedly not in a creative fashion, has re-kindled that thought and desire. It’s something I’m planning on pursuing this over the summer break.

Thank you for your time,

Steven T Butler Jr.


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