EJM Visa Request

The following document is one we use often at Executive Jet Management. This is the Visa request document, and this example is geared specifically for a flight crew headed for Brazil.

Often these need to be prepared much farther in advance than is listed on the document; however, there are times where we are able to request expedited visa processing, and the two weeks allotted in this document are a standard time frame for what we refer to as a “Mission Critical” visa request.

Again, due to WordPress, a link is being set up to allow for the download of the PDF version in 100% accurate format. The following document is using the standard WordPress formatting.





May 1, 2015

Consulate General of Brazil

Consular Section

Dear Visa Officer,

Please be advised that the below-listed individuals are applying for Flight Crew Visas. Financial responsibility for all expenses incurred by these individuals during their stay in Brazil is the complete and total responsibility of Executive Jet Management.

Pilots:                         Primary Captain: Eric Weiss

Backup: Marcus Dixon

First Officer:             Primary: Michael Vaughn

Backup: Marshall Flinkman

Flight Attendant:     Primary: Nadia Santos


Date of Arrival #1:   May 18, 2015

Airport of Arrival:    Rio de Janeiro

Aircraft:                      N1701D


Date of Departure #1:         May 27, 2015

Airport of Arrival:     Los Angeles

Aircraft:                      N1701D

Reason for travel: Transporting executives. No technical assistance will be provided.

We appreciate the efforts and courtesies you may extend to us in order that they may receive their visas as soon as possible. We thank you for your attention to this matter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 877-356-5387.




Steven T Butler

International Dispatcher

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